Concrete Fireplaces

Concrete Fireplaces, Surrounds, and Mantels

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is a lightweight alternative that can be used to create custom concrete fireplaces surrounds and mantels for the home. GFRC is strong, as well, allowing for many years of use even in the most demanding environments. With a modern concrete fireplace or mantel, you will have a centerpiece that draws the eye in any room along with the convenience of an easy to care for fireplace that is fully functional.






If you are concerned that you will be limited by opting for concrete fireplaces surrounds and mantels, you will definitely want to take a few moments to look at modern concrete fireplaces. Color choices are created by using concrete dyes. Concrete dyes can create deep brick color, a wide selection of brown tones, or even black or traditional gray hues to match your existing decor. A neutral color is often best for long term use, since you will want to change the furnishings in your home long before the fireplace, surrounds or mantels are replaced.


Textured concrete is also available if you are looking for something more unique for your home. Ground concrete, for instance, is rougher than traditional concrete mixes because of a mixture of small pebbles and grains of sand left in the mixture. Troweled concrete, on the other hand, can be as smooth as glass and exhibits a high shine. The texture that you choose can emphasize other decor features in your home easily.





Uses for GFRC

Glass reinforced concrete makes a bold statement for homeowners and business owners in the Boston area. Opting for a wall panel of decorative GFRC brings modern style into your home or business instantly, especially when chosen in a style and color that fits the theme of your residence or office space. GFRC is an ideal material for counter tops, fireplaces, and wall panels since it is easily customizable to your specific needs. GFRC is also long lasting and durable enough for the most grueling tasks, such as professional kitchens and other work spaces.