Learn To Make Concrete Countertops 3

This class is structured to give students the basic knowledge of playing with concrete. Including fountains, sculpture, wall art, garden art, and various kinds of furniture. You will learn basic mix designs that can be made with easily obtained materials and designed to be very strong. You will also learn how to design and build basic molds for creating your own ideas.

In this class you will discover how concrete is no longer JUST foundations and sidewalks. We will bring it into the world of art and creativity. You will discover the lightness and fluidity of concrete. Along with learning the basics, this class is designed to give you the tools and tricks to use everyday items to shape some very unique artwork. Learning how to build numerous kinds of molds, and how to manipulate various items with in the mold to achieve multiple looks. We will work with color and design options, texture styles and different finishes for your ideal look. By the end of class I’d like to take us all back to the carefree days of playing with mud pies!

This class is perfect for the new artist or the seasoned veteran. If you are curious about this medium, have questions or would like to sign up, reply to this email or check out my website. www.concretepoetryboston.com 

This class runs April 19 and 20th 9-5pm Be sure to wear work clothes and bring a lunch. The class is an investment of $250, which includes your materials.

To register please contact me at


Sign up early! Classes are limited to 10 students and typically sell out.
Classes are hands on—we get dirty and have a ton of fun doing it!!