Concrete Wall Panels

Precast  Concrete Wall Panels

GFRC Concrete is an excellent way to reduce weight of concrete creations. It can be used to create customer concrete sinks, wall panels, tables, and countertops. Wall panels, in particular, benefit from GFRC Concrete. The lighter weight of the material makes panels made of it easier to move and install. This reduces job labor and total installation costs.


Contractors can install lightweight concrete wall panels made from GFRC Concrete in Boston Ma area homes in a variety of interior spaces. Wall panels can be installed above fireplaces and in showers. The lack of grout in concrete wall panels in showers makes it easier to maintain and keep clean. If you home has unique plumbing fixtures, the panels can also be custom template to accommodate them. The wall panels in showers are coated with a waterproof finish to help them stay easy to maintain. They are then coated with a penetrating sealer.


Shower walls are not the only places concrete wall panels can be hung. Lightweight concrete wall panels can be used in any interior area of the home. They serve as a drywall alternative, and they can also be hung in place of other types of interior finishes. Contractors can hang them in apartments or condos as well as detached, single-family houses. They are also an attractive way to dress up a business lobby.

Custom Made

Concrete wall panels can be customized to suit any Boston Ma area client’s needs and preferences. Almost any color and texture can be added to the panels’ finishes. One way panels can be used is to divide large, open spaces. Panels are finished on both sides in these cases to make them attractive from any angle in the room. They can create small hallways so that people can walk through from one side of the room to the other without disturbing people in another area of the same room, for example.

Warm Atmosphere

Using lightweight concrete wall panels in your Boston Ma home or business is a great way to incorporate a contemporary, warm, and clean atmosphere. The panels can be created to suit your tastes and preferences, and they can easily be installed in any interior room.