Concrete Sinks

Concrete Bathroom Sinks by Concrete Poetry

Concrete Poetry handcrafts custom concrete bathroom sinks, vessel sinks, counter-tops, tables and wall panels for both residential and commercial customers. Located in Braintree, the company provides the Boston Ma area with design and installation services, and their work is used throughout the area in restaurants and bistros, outdoor environments, apartments, condos and many other homes and buildings.






Concrete Poetry

More than a purveyor of functional facilities, Concrete Poetry believes that, from the common ingredients of concrete, beautiful art can be formed. With every piece that they make, they strive to produce something of practical worth that also displays the individuality and creativity of the owner. For this purpose, they use glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), a versatile medium that can be shaped, stamped, stained, colored, polished and ground by a skilled artisan into almost anything imaginable.






Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

GFRC is a durable and adaptable concrete blend perfect for vessel sinks and counter-tops. Objects made from this material can take nearly any shape, from the simple to the unusual, and will typically outlast objects made from precast concrete, cast stone and some natural stones. A great material for concrete bathroom sinks, GFRC is resistant against cracks and water-damage.






Artistic Advantage

With this concrete, artisans can create objects of distinct colors and patterns, as well as utilize one of a variety of sealers, which increase the protective capacity of the material and produce differing effects. Using concrete also enables the artificer to add in inlaid materials–such as metal scraps, natural stone, shells, tiles and other objects–which can further define and individualize the piece.






Attention to Details

When purchasing from Concrete Poetry, the nature of the design and the creativity of the work are taken into consideration in the price. Unlike contractors that charge on a per job basis, Concrete Poetry works from a one-dimensional plan, designed in conjunction with the customer: irregular or curved shapes, integral drain boards, back splashes, sink cutouts and other specific design choices result in additional costs. Concrete Poetry regularly handles installation for customers in the Boston Ma area.