Concrete Fire Pit Class

I believe that sitting outside under the stars on a cool fall night, is when your fire pit should be the romantic center piece.

Concrete is not only walkway, foundations and countertops. You can create a world of things. With GFRC (Glass Fiber Re-enforce Concrete) we are no longer bound by flat slabs. We can create vertical walls and intricate design. In this class we will build a fire pit with different dimensions and levels. We will start with some basic form building techniques and show how you can add to them to make a unique form. We will see how the burners are placed and what style burner you want to use.

This is a 2 day class of all hands on work. Depending on the size of the class we will be making one to two full size fire pits and one small one. Classes fill fast and holds a maximum of 8 people, don’t hesitate to register.