Concrete Countertops Custom Made In Boston, MA

Concrete CountertopsConcrete Countertops: The History of Concrete

Concrete is a remarkable material.  It is strong, durable, low maintenance and also recyclable.  Another great feature about it is that it is long lasting. Concrete has the ability to withstand extreme temperature, harsh chemicals and everyday wear and tear that would decrease the lifespan of most other materials. Concrete has the unique ability to be shaped, designed and formed into custom creations that will help your home create a theme. This versatile medium and color options makes the design options virtually endless.

Concrete Countertops That Are Custom Made by Concrete Poetry

When remodeling your bathroom or kitchen there are many different concrete countertops and concrete sink designs to choose from. Concrete  countertops can be stamped, shaped, dyed, or stained. The stamping option allows concrete to take on the look and appeal of granite, tile, marble, natural stone and other popular designs. Polishing and overlays are also a way to create a unique, flawless and timeless look.  The inlaid option some people choose consists of  adding in design techniques such as  fossils, tiles, shells, natural stone, metals or other materials to create a custom look. Sealers are an important part of finishing off the design project. Sealers provide protection as well as alter the molecular structure to create unique depth to the design and give an amazing finish.

Concrete Countertops and Other Options

We do not only create concrete countertops but we also can create custom sinks, vessels, tables, panels, and outdoor furniture. Most people admire the outdoor furniture option because of the concrete’s ability to withstand the harsh elements. It provides a unique theme throughout the property that its functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nothing catches someones eye like a unique custom design to bring distinction and sophistication to your property. You can visit our concrete countertops gallery.

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