Colors for Concrete Counters

Colors for Concrete Counters

One of a concrete countertop’s most appealing attributes is that it can be custom-colored. Although many contractors have their own standard or premium colors, countertop mixes can be blended and modified to get a hue specific to your liking. This makes the color palette nearly limitless!

Some of the most popular colors are warm browns, and clean grays. Some homeowners take this attribute to the next level and create very unique custom colors. You may want to match your countertop to the red plaid in your dining room table cushions. With concrete, you can do that! Some modern homes feature electric blue concrete countertops, wine-colored burgundy kitchen countertops, or green islands.

Request Samples of Your Concrete Countertop Color
With concrete, there are so many more options for getting the color that’s right for you. It is recommended that you talk with your concrete contractor about what colors can be created. Always be sure to ask for a sample to be made to verify your color selection. Any reputable concrete contractor will be able to make a small sample, documenting the ratios and procedures taken to mix a certain color. This way you will be able to know for sure what you will be getting.

Color Samples

Typical Cost Range*

Sample piece of a contractor’s standard color


Custom color samples


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