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Concrete Contractors Braintree MAThe Pioneers of Capitalism – Concrete Contractors

Over the last 2,000 years, concrete contractors in Italy found that by mixing ash with lime and water produced a malleable product with super strength.  Volcanoes produced ash that was a byproduct  of sizzling lava which when mixed with lime created  concrete. As the concrete contractors, referred to as master builders, experimented with this amazing product, they have been able to build constructions that defy modern building practices.

The buildings enabled the master builders to build cities. They constructed aqueducts that brought fresh water from the mountains to the cities in abundance. The buildings enabled Rome to grow to be the chief of the world. Folks were in a position to build colleges, change into educated, companies had been formed and the country prospered. Government grew and a military was formed. Till their authorities taxed prosperity away, Rome was the chief of the world as a consequence of advancements in the use of concrete.

After the fall of the Roman Empire using concrete trickled to a crawl for almost 1,400 years and started to be used once more in varied areas world wide in the 1,700’s and 1,800’s. Slowly, concrete contractors began using concrete again to construct structures, new cities had been formed.

This unbelievable substance has been used to make bridges, buildings, and highways for the final 150 years.. Constructing led to the event of cities and an unprecedented interval of growth. Capitalism was on the rise, thanks again to concrete contractors. With out these building entrepreneurs we wouldn’t be where we’re today.

Concrete Contractors Today

Concrete Contractors Braintree MA

Concrete contractors have developed new merchandise and methods for the reason that net has grow to be a extra publicly accessed tool.. The checklist of new developments in the use of concrete is vast. Capitalism is on the rise as a result. Creative folks have been able to deliver their ideas collectively and share data because of the web. . New merchandise have been created, new equipment developed, new corporations fashioned to profit using concrete in new ways. Customers are benefitting, alternatives are being created.

One of probably the most notable advancements has been the creation of a world of ornamental concrete contractors. Simply go browsing and search for decorative concrete. It’s everywhere. Epoxy coatings and polished concrete are in industrial buildings, retail stores, restaurants and office buildings. Some of the most costly homes and buildings in NYC, London, and Hong Kong have ornamental concrete..

Concrete contractors are building components such as counter tops, sinks and furnishings with light-weight cement products with energy exceeding the durability of different products. In actual fact, at this time something that may be built, may be constructed with concrete. With an unimaginable power, competing even with metal, companies have been able to manufacture decorative cementitious items..

Concrete contractors have shown that concrete is not just for sidewalks and foundations any longer.  As the opportunities to revenue are available, merchandise will proceed to improve. New tools will likely be designed and constructed to make it simpler and faster to use the new products. Just as concrete contractors capitalized over 2,000 years in the past and improved the world with this amazing product, history will repeat itself. New improvements will spur entrepreneurs to create new companies. Brand new items will begin to flourish.

The only thing that can impede new developments by concrete contractors is identical that brought down Rome 1,600 years in the past and that’s authorities intervention and excessive taxes that thwart human ingenuity and motivation.

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Concrete Countertops Custom Made In Boston, MA

Concrete CountertopsConcrete Countertops: The History of Concrete

Concrete is a remarkable material.  It is strong, durable, low maintenance and also recyclable.  Another great feature about it is that it is long lasting. Concrete has the ability to withstand extreme temperature, harsh chemicals and everyday wear and tear that would decrease the lifespan of most other materials. Concrete has the unique ability to be shaped, designed and formed into custom creations that will help your home create a theme. This versatile medium and color options makes the design options virtually endless.

Concrete Countertops That Are Custom Made by Concrete Poetry

When remodeling your bathroom or kitchen there are many different concrete countertops and concrete sink designs to choose from. Concrete  countertops can be stamped, shaped, dyed, or stained. The stamping option allows concrete to take on the look and appeal of granite, tile, marble, natural stone and other popular designs. Polishing and overlays are also a way to create a unique, flawless and timeless look.  The inlaid option some people choose consists of  adding in design techniques such as  fossils, tiles, shells, natural stone, metals or other materials to create a custom look. Sealers are an important part of finishing off the design project. Sealers provide protection as well as alter the molecular structure to create unique depth to the design and give an amazing finish.

Concrete Countertops and Other Options

We do not only create concrete countertops but we also can create custom sinks, vessels, tables, panels, and outdoor furniture. Most people admire the outdoor furniture option because of the concrete’s ability to withstand the harsh elements. It provides a unique theme throughout the property that its functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nothing catches someones eye like a unique custom design to bring distinction and sophistication to your property. You can visit our concrete countertops gallery.

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Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island

Concrete Benches, Tables and Furniture.

Custom Outdoor Garden Benches and Tables

If you’re thinking of concrete features like a wall, a table or outdoor garden benches, you should know about GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete. Because it’s reinforced, this material is stronger than conventional concrete, giving it several advantages.

Strength and Durability

The added strength of GFRC means that less concrete is needed to achieve the desired strength and structural stability. You can use thinner pieces without compromising the integrity of the structure, resulting in lower cost. Because it has less concrete, the structure will be lighter and should not require the additional reinforcement that conventional concrete would. For instance, when outdoor garden benches are made of old-style concrete, they often need reinforcement with rebar, something that would probably be unnecessary with GFRC.

Going Green

In addition to being easier on the pocketbook, GFRC is a good choice for the environment. It makes more efficient use of materials, allowing more structures to be built from a given volume of concrete. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s just a couple of tables or a whole patio, will be cheaper and have less environmental impact than conventional concrete would.

Longer Lasting

While earlier forms of reinforced concrete tended to lose their strength over time because of decay of the glass fibers, the new form of GFRC uses alkali-resistant glass that does not have this problem. Even after many years, your GFRC tables, walls and outdoor garden benches will still have the same strength as when they were new.

Interior Design

If you’re planning to stay in the home, adding tables, walls or other concrete features can make it a more fun place to live. If you’re hoping to sell the home, these features can add to the place’s value and curb appeal. Either way, GFRC is a good way to get the look you want in a cheaper, better way.



We specialize in GFRC features for both indoor and outdoor applications in the Boston MA area. We do kitchens, bathrooms, showers, landscape pieces, fountains and more. If you have a building in Boston MA that could use a new look and feel, why not consider GFRC?

Concrete Wall Panels

Precast  Concrete Wall Panels

GFRC Concrete is an excellent way to reduce weight of concrete creations. It can be used to create customer concrete sinks, wall panels, tables, and countertops. Wall panels, in particular, benefit from GFRC Concrete. The lighter weight of the material makes panels made of it easier to move and install. This reduces job labor and total installation costs.


Contractors can install lightweight concrete wall panels made from GFRC Concrete in Boston Ma area homes in a variety of interior spaces. Wall panels can be installed above fireplaces and in showers. The lack of grout in concrete wall panels in showers makes it easier to maintain and keep clean. If you home has unique plumbing fixtures, the panels can also be custom template to accommodate them. The wall panels in showers are coated with a waterproof finish to help them stay easy to maintain. They are then coated with a penetrating sealer.


Shower walls are not the only places concrete wall panels can be hung. Lightweight concrete wall panels can be used in any interior area of the home. They serve as a drywall alternative, and they can also be hung in place of other types of interior finishes. Contractors can hang them in apartments or condos as well as detached, single-family houses. They are also an attractive way to dress up a business lobby.

Custom Made

Concrete wall panels can be customized to suit any Boston Ma area client’s needs and preferences. Almost any color and texture can be added to the panels’ finishes. One way panels can be used is to divide large, open spaces. Panels are finished on both sides in these cases to make them attractive from any angle in the room. They can create small hallways so that people can walk through from one side of the room to the other without disturbing people in another area of the same room, for example.

Warm Atmosphere

Using lightweight concrete wall panels in your Boston Ma home or business is a great way to incorporate a contemporary, warm, and clean atmosphere. The panels can be created to suit your tastes and preferences, and they can easily be installed in any interior room.

Concrete Sinks

Concrete Bathroom Sinks by Concrete Poetry

Concrete Poetry handcrafts custom concrete bathroom sinks, vessel sinks, counter-tops, tables and wall panels for both residential and commercial customers. Located in Braintree, the company provides the Boston Ma area with design and installation services, and their work is used throughout the area in restaurants and bistros, outdoor environments, apartments, condos and many other homes and buildings.






Concrete Poetry

More than a purveyor of functional facilities, Concrete Poetry believes that, from the common ingredients of concrete, beautiful art can be formed. With every piece that they make, they strive to produce something of practical worth that also displays the individuality and creativity of the owner. For this purpose, they use glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), a versatile medium that can be shaped, stamped, stained, colored, polished and ground by a skilled artisan into almost anything imaginable.






Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

GFRC is a durable and adaptable concrete blend perfect for vessel sinks and counter-tops. Objects made from this material can take nearly any shape, from the simple to the unusual, and will typically outlast objects made from precast concrete, cast stone and some natural stones. A great material for concrete bathroom sinks, GFRC is resistant against cracks and water-damage.






Artistic Advantage

With this concrete, artisans can create objects of distinct colors and patterns, as well as utilize one of a variety of sealers, which increase the protective capacity of the material and produce differing effects. Using concrete also enables the artificer to add in inlaid materials–such as metal scraps, natural stone, shells, tiles and other objects–which can further define and individualize the piece.






Attention to Details

When purchasing from Concrete Poetry, the nature of the design and the creativity of the work are taken into consideration in the price. Unlike contractors that charge on a per job basis, Concrete Poetry works from a one-dimensional plan, designed in conjunction with the customer: irregular or curved shapes, integral drain boards, back splashes, sink cutouts and other specific design choices result in additional costs. Concrete Poetry regularly handles installation for customers in the Boston Ma area.

Concrete Fireplaces

Concrete Fireplaces, Surrounds, and Mantels

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is a lightweight alternative that can be used to create custom concrete fireplaces surrounds and mantels for the home. GFRC is strong, as well, allowing for many years of use even in the most demanding environments. With a modern concrete fireplace or mantel, you will have a centerpiece that draws the eye in any room along with the convenience of an easy to care for fireplace that is fully functional.






If you are concerned that you will be limited by opting for concrete fireplaces surrounds and mantels, you will definitely want to take a few moments to look at modern concrete fireplaces. Color choices are created by using concrete dyes. Concrete dyes can create deep brick color, a wide selection of brown tones, or even black or traditional gray hues to match your existing decor. A neutral color is often best for long term use, since you will want to change the furnishings in your home long before the fireplace, surrounds or mantels are replaced.


Textured concrete is also available if you are looking for something more unique for your home. Ground concrete, for instance, is rougher than traditional concrete mixes because of a mixture of small pebbles and grains of sand left in the mixture. Troweled concrete, on the other hand, can be as smooth as glass and exhibits a high shine. The texture that you choose can emphasize other decor features in your home easily.





Uses for GFRC

Glass reinforced concrete makes a bold statement for homeowners and business owners in the Boston area. Opting for a wall panel of decorative GFRC brings modern style into your home or business instantly, especially when chosen in a style and color that fits the theme of your residence or office space. GFRC is an ideal material for counter tops, fireplaces, and wall panels since it is easily customizable to your specific needs. GFRC is also long lasting and durable enough for the most grueling tasks, such as professional kitchens and other work spaces.