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Concrete is an increasingly popular design material that gives offices, restaurants and homes a luxurious and modern feel at an affordable price. More people are choosing concrete because it blends perfectly with any type of decor and gives any space a warm and natural atmosphere. With a resemblance to natural stone, concrete can be polished, ground, tinted, stained, or stamped to allow almost endless creative possibilities.

Concrete Vessel Sinks, Countertops, Benches, and Wall Panels Tables

Boston Vessel Sinks and CountertopsConcrete counter tops and concrete vessel sinks are becoming a feature commonly seen in homes, offices and restaurants alike. The advantages of choosing concrete are that the finished product will be custom, practical and handmade. Concrete vessel sinks and countertops  can be made in almost any shape and color imaginable. Items can even be embedded within the counter to create an interesting look or a custom design with sentimental value. We can embed sentimental mementos, fossils, stones, shells, metal pieces or other interesting items.

The advances in concrete sealers have made concrete counters and sinks a beautifully durable option that is the equivalent of granite but with a more artistic appearance. These sealers help avoid stains and scratches and give counters a natural and unique look rather than the alternative of a boring plastic counter top or metal sink. The scientifically advanced sealers that we use chemically combine with the concrete to make it stronger, more durable and to help the concrete improve with age.

Concrete Vessel Sinks, Bistro Tables, Wall Panels

Boston Concrete Vessel SinksConcrete is a premium material that is frequently being used in bistro tables, benches and wall panels as an alternative to granite, slate, marble or other natural stones. Concrete is priced at a premium compared to some other natural materials, but there are several advantages to using concrete. Concrete can be completely customized in ways that natural stone cannot. Many people falsely believe that natural stone does not require maintenance.

The truth is that both concrete and stone require periodic maintenance, but concrete comes in so many colors, textures and shapes that there are many more possibilities than with stone surfaces. Concrete exudes a warm and earthy feeling when used in furnishings, flooring or walls. Each item fabricated from concrete becomes a unique work of art and conversation piece, which simply is not the case with other building materials.

Boston Concrete Vessel SinksOur quality and artistic vision sets us apart from other companies. We work with owners to personally design their space according to their unique ideas. We are a company of artisans who use the latest technologies to create quality pieces of art that make homes, offices, restaurants and other businesses stand out from the rest of the bland plastic world. Contact us today to begin discussing how we can turn your space in a one-of-a-kind work of art that people will love to visit and will talk about for years to come.

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We build concrete vessel sinks, countertops, tables, benches in Braintree outside Boston Massachusetts. We serve clients throughout New England.

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